Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hellowww 2009, how do u do?

me: Hello 2009.
'09: Hi Kanika
me: Hope we are adventurous this year.
'09: Depends on you fool. I am just a four digit number and right now you shrunk me down to two! GEE.
me: Yes, I am Gen Y-er. We are supposed to shrink things down to make them accessible in the best, easiest and most functional form.
'09: Yes, '08 and others have told me about it. How do I look to you?
me: You look quite promising. I plan to do good stuff and travel a bit more!
'09: Alright. Best of Luck to you and I will see you around.
me: Yes, more on the Calendar and my Travel Planner. Cheers!

That was my quick meet with Mr.09. Let's roll back a little bit and see what I did till yesterday (31st).

My biggest decisions taken in 2008:

1. Stop listening to people who think they have "seen" it all just 'cuz they went through shit!

2. Move back to India.

3. Fly with Singapore Airlines :D (yes it was a

4. Try Twitter.

5. Start using Google Reader.

6. Get over Digg.

7. Pause freelance work and get a job.

8. Buy a MacBook Pro (I call it the Big Mac).

9. Spend Alcohol Free New Years with the Seths!

10. Forced my folks to make a trip abroad.

11. Spend nights reading shit about Internet and stuff happening on it.

That's all I can think of right now. Those 11 things have shaped my life for the better and I hope to add some more substantial ones on 01.01.09.

See guys around and Don't forget to say hi to '09! He's nice n fresh.

(wow. That was a short blog for a change :P )

Later Gators.

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