Sunday, January 18, 2009

Round or Surround?

How important is it to wear glasses which reflect your personality? or create a personality which reflects your glasses. Few of the most prominent men in the world are known for their round glasses and hence those round glasses have an identity of it's own.

That's right! It's the glasses who benefited the most by these men and not the men who benefited by these glasses. They definitely gave them an image but mostly just created a different kinda personality for the glasses.

A lot of different shapes say a lot about their personality. If you are a spec person, you know that's your window to the world and for the world that's the Museum Glass to your eye. People do not just wear them to protect eyes, they wear them to enhance or add an extra star to their image. I hate to use the word "Jewelry" for specs since it makes it sound so glamorous and shiny.

Every shape has it's own name, given by people who wore them and changed the world. Do you think the glasses helped much in changing the world in that context? I don't think so, but they definitely gave them a unique feature for people to notice and create a strong image in the head.

Every country, Every war has their own hero. If I were to ask you to see the picture below and tell me which one is Hitler and which one is Charlie Chaplin, how tough would it be? I'm sure not at all. Anyone can spot the difference with that hat and hair involved.

Do you have more people in mind? who carry a strong image because of that one particular feature? Let's share.


Aseem Seth said...

Nice Piece Kanika -

Speaking of Specs - don't forget Woody Allen,
Other iconics -
Winston Churchill's & Fidel's Cigar
Winston's V sign, now commonly used as the peace sign
Elvis' pompadour
Einstein's Hair
Chins - Jay Leno, Kirk Douglas
Seal's facial scars
i could go on and on....

mekkanikal said...

True true!
Loads of name that way :)

Thanks for the comment Aseem!